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Who I Am

Creator / Storyteller / List Maker

Seeking out the hidden gems of cities around the globe is what makes me feel alive. From getting lost in foreign streets I can’t pronounce the names of, to discovering the myriad vintage treasures that make up my wardrobe, to visiting multiple coffee shops a day, and drinking wine under the stars, I've found that every city has an undercurrent of magic that you might pass by if you’re not looking closely...

Over the last 6 years I have specialized in design, art direction and content creation in the Los Angeles fashion industry. My creative roles took me around the world in search of beauty, inspiration, and to work with talented craftsmen of other cultures. These experiences were incredibly eye-opening, igniting something inside of me that led to my decision to set forth on a new journey: moving to Bali, Indonesia and creating compelling travel and lifestyle content for YOU.

Eternally en Route is a place for creative and curious travelers who are in search of the beautiful, unique, and boutique experiences around the world.

Follow my journey to see where I’ll be #EnRoute to next…