The Dreamiest Resort in the Hills of Chiang Mai

A few weeks ago, Dylan and I traveled to Northern Thailand to visit Chiang Mai, Pai, and Chiang Rai. We spent our first week in the Old City of Chiang Mai eating street food, visiting with friends, exploring the temples, and working at cool coffee shops along the way.  After a long weekend in Pai, we returned to Chiang Mai to stay at the dreamiest resort tucked into the hills: Veranda Chiang Mai The High Resort. It was one of the most beautiful resorts I've ever stayed at...from the picturesque infinity pool overlooking the jungle to the modern and geometric architecture, I could tell how much thought was put into every detail.

Watch the video below for a glimpse at our experience!

Something that really sets this hotel apart from other places I've stayed is that it's completely surrounded by nature. Although you're not too far from the center of Chiang Mai, you still feel like you're off the grid. While there are a few cool sights to explore nearby like the white pagoda that was built by 1 man, or the Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai, this is really just the perfect place to unwind and spend a romantic time with your significant other.


Waking up to a peaceful view of the luscious green garden set the tone for the most relaxing few days. It was just what I needed after our long motorcycle road trip back from Pai. Fresh ginger tea in hand, I took a look out at the view and started to plan my day...I never wanted to leave, so I didn't. We had done enough sight-seeing the week prior, so staying at this resort was truly our chance to unwind. I went from the infinity pool to the infinity jacuzzi...and then made my way to the spa.

Swimsuit by  wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by  wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by  wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by  wanderlust swim

Swimsuit by wanderlust swim


I can't even begin to tell you how good the FOOD was at this resort! I never advocate to eat meals at the hotel (I usually don't even eat the free breakfasts) because one of my favorite parts of traveling is trying cafes and restaurants that I've researched, but my mind changed after eating at Veranda Chiang Mai. The breakfast spread included everything from traditional Thai breakfast foods to fried rice, fried noodles, and every western breakfast dish under the sun - pancakes, bacon, waffles, made-to-order omelettes, you name it. The tropical fruits and array of colorful juices were the cherry on top.



For lunch I took a Thai cooking class with the head chef (lucky me!), who taught me how to make the yummiest Pad Thai and a local dessert called Bua Loy. It was such a fun experience to see how easy it really is to make these foreign dishes that I've always loved - I highly recommend taking cooking classes anytime they're available when you travel. I took a sushi making class in Japan that was equally as rewarding!


Just before sunset, we made our way through the winding wooden paths in the garden to have afternoon tea. It was such a special way to end our day...the hotel usually hosts afternoon tea near the pool, but Dylan had asked the staff to setup a picnic in the garden for us, which was really romantic. They were so accommodating and creative - it turned out to be beautiful!  






I'll be dreaming about this pool until next time...

xx Kelsey